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Posts published in “Tutorial”

How to Manage Incoming Calls with Smartcalls


To handle incoming calls, go to «Inbound» on the main menu of the site. The «Scenarios» tab for inbound calls will open. Create your first scenario by  clicking the «Create…

Creating Your First Call Scenario


To create your first call scenario, go to the Scenario section on the top menu of the site. Click the CREATE SCENARIO button. The visual editor will open. On the…

Buying and Adding Numbers in Smartcalls


Step 1: Confirm number for the tests. After you register on the Smartcalls website you will be asked to confirm your phone number. After entering the number you will receive…

Caller ID for Your Outbound Call Campaigns


When you are launching your outbound call campaign in Smartcalls, the system asks you to specify Caller ID that will be used for the campaign. Caller ID is a phone…