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Buying and Adding Numbers in Smartcalls


Step 1: Confirm number for the tests.

After you register on the Smartcalls website you will be asked to confirm your phone number. After entering the number you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

This is necessary so that you can make test calls from the scenario editor or test pre-assembled Smartcalls scenarios. After confirmation, this number will appear in the test call window in the scenario editor.

Step 2: purchase a number for campaigns.

In order to launch campaigns, you need to buy a number on the Smartcalls website or add your own phone number.

In order to buy a number in Smartcalls, go to the Numbers section, the Buy a phone number tab. Select the country, region and number category (city, mobile) that you need.

After purchase, this number will appear in the Phone numbers tab.

Step 3: number verification for campaigns.

In some countries you need to verify your purchased number. To do this, click the “Phone management” button and select “Verify number” in the drop-down menu. You will be taken to the number verification window, where you will be asked to enter your or your company data. The confirmation usually takes 1-2 business days.

After confirming the verification, this number will appear in the “Verifications” tab.

Step 4: specify the number to forward.

After purchasing and number verification, you must specify the call forward number. This is necessary so that the users who are calling your scenario can call back the number and get on you / operator.

To do this, on the Phone Numbers tab, click the Phone management button – Forwarding incoming calls. Add a phone number to forward.

After confirmation, the number will appear in the Forward column.

Now you can use this number for test calls.

Also when creating campaigns in Smartcalls.

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