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Smartcalls at Web Summit 2018 (Lisbon)


Where else in the world can you meet Tony Blair, Sheril Sandberg, Shakira, Messi, upcoming tech-stars like Nick Stavrovsky, world influencers and 18 y.o. startupers in one place? Every year Web Summit in Lisbon brings together almost 70 000 people from all around the globe who have strong intentions to change the world and bring technologies forward into our lives. Searching for inspiration, investments, promotions and new ways of communication, professionals, and entrepreneurs got together in 4 pavilions where one can find panels and talks on every hot topic: from ecology and music industry to politics, leadership, technologies and AI.


This November in Lisbon we were gladly presented to the world our solution for outbound campaigns, Smartcalls. Our goal at  Web Summit was to share our passion & knowledge how businesses of any sizes can increase productivity by at least 40% by automating certain operational processes in an organisation. Many investors at the conference showed genuine interest in our solution which can optimize resources and cut costs effectively and efficiently.


We were happy to be given an opportunity to pitch Smartcalls to investors at the panel and discussed with companies a few potential use cases. For example, how to bring customer engagement to a different level, expand reach at affordable costs and be able to make an informative decision based on the customers’ feedback. The second day of the conference was especially busy when we had our booth in Alpha Sector & visitors hungry for information.


So, how did we do it? Here are some numbers for you to understand the scale of the event: 12 km is average distance a day for each member of our team, 400 + leads generated via LinkedIn and Web Summit App contacted prior the event, 50+ meetings scheduled and meetings hold onsite every day.

Web Summit 2018 was busy and informative time for our team with lots of networking activities. The team was proud to present Smartcalls – an easy, affordable to any company and smart way to do business.

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