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Smartcalls at ECOM Expo’18


On may 22-23, Moscow hosted the largest exhibition of technologies for eCommerce and omnichannel trade in Russia and Eastern Europe. ECOM Expo’18 this year set a new record for the number of exhibitors and visitors. It was visited by 9200 people, and 249 companies presented their services.

Participants of the exhibition learned how Smartcalls helps to automate routine processes of eCommerce at several stages of interaction with the buyer.

Before ordering:

  • Call tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels;
  • Online call and callback to contact the client with the consultant;
  • A reminder of the abandoned shopping cart.

Registration of delivery:

  • Order confirmation and change;
  • Clarification of time and place of delivery;
  • A reminder of the arrival of the courier;
  • Order status message;
  • Clarification of the reason for refusal of delivery.

After delivery:

  • Getting feedback about the quality of the product and service;
  • A provision of bonus on your next purchase;
  • Solving possible problems with defects.

aCommerce, automated trade and logistics using artificial intelligence, is only gaining momentum. According to our estimates, in the next 3-5 years, robots will operate 80% of calls in large companies. Smartcalls makes automation affordable for small online shops enabling businesses to create robocall campaigns in as little as five minutes and with no programming or technical knowledge required.

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