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Beta version of Smartcalls is available for testing


We are pleased to announce that we have launched Beta version of an intelligent and customizable web service that enables businesses to create outbound call campaigns with robust voice recognition capabilities. Using Smartcalls, organizations can easily create campaigns in as little as five minutes – and with no programming or technical knowledge required. We invite you to test the service on the website: you can try any scenario template for free.

Smartcalls lets you design outbound call campaigns in a visual editor, using blocks that you can arrange in a sequence according to your required business logic. Each block in the editor represents an action taken by an operator: make a call, ask a question, recognize a voice, etc. With SmartCalls, there is no need to maintain a call center anymore.


  • Speech Recognition. Smartcalls recognizes the customer’s speech, converts it to text and enables voice navigation.
  • Editor. The visual editor helps you create call-handling scenarios of any complexity.
  • Automation. Smartcalls eliminates the human factor and operates 24/7.
  • Detailed Statistics. Smartcalls collects comprehensive statistics for each call.
  • Transparent Billing. Each transaction is stored in the system and available for further analysis.
  • Answering Machine Detection. Smartcalls detects answering machines with 98% accuracy, powered by machine learning.

Are you ready to start a campaign? Our step-by-step Campaign Manager will guide you through the entire process.

  • Step 1. Set the parameters: choose when to begin and end your campaign, and how many call attempts you want to make per customer.
  • Step 2. Select a scenario from the list of templates or create your own scenario in the visual editor.
  • Step 3. Upload the call list to Smartcalls using a provided template or your own spreadsheet.
  • Step 4. Map the data from the uploaded call list with the variables from your scenario.
  • Step 5. Check if the configured settings are correct and launch your campaign.

We also made three scenario templates for the instant launch of the campaign.

  • Discount Offer. Voice notification with feedback.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). Your service’s quality rating with voice recognition.
  • Notification. Call about a product, tracking of warm and cold leads.

On November 17, Smartcalls team will present our product at the Conference on Communications for Business Intercom’17.  Vasily Sazhko, Smartcalls Product Director, will talk about how robocalls help reduce business costs by a third. Any participant of the conference will be able to create a campaign on an interactive screen. See you at the event!

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